September 2016

Did you hear what she said?

Did you stay up for the debate last night?  There was by my count 2-3 minutes of gun-related talk. Did you hear Hillary Clinton mention “military-style” weapons? Those are liberal code words for firearms owned by hundreds of thousands of Georgians. Make no mistake about it, if she ever gets the chance, she would BAN and CONFISCATE as many firearms as she possibly could. Click here to watch the short

Constitutional Carry passes!

Congratulations are in order to Second Amendment supporters in Missouri . . . On January 1, 2017, their state will become the 11th “Constitutional Carry” state in the country. No longer will they be forced to pay a tax to the government or ask their permission (like we have to in Georgia) to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Last week, because of relentless grassroots activism, their pressure forced the members