Stop and read this email.

Republican House Leadership here in Atlanta is trying to screw gun owners over and have just canceled the Judiciary Committee hearing on the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA)!

That’s right, the RINOs in Atlanta have just killed the SAPA hearing for today, removing it from the agenda with no notice.

Insiders report that House Majority Leader Chuck Efstration is the one doing this, and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least.

Two years ago, GGO members beat down Efstration after he publicly agreed to support legislation to repeal Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground law!

Efstration screamed and shouted at the time, threatening us with a libel lawsuit. The only problem for Chuck was that the Savannah Morning News were the ones reporting it…not us.  

This session, while GGO’s team has had over 50 legislative meetings, Efstration has refused to meet with us, hiding out in his office sulking.

And just this morning — while SAPA is on the move in Iowa, Ohio, Arizona, and multiple other red states — Chuck Efstration ordered the Judiciary Committee to pull the bill (HB-293)!

HB-293 was entered weeks ago by Representative Charlice Byrd; it has over a dozen co-sponsors and was assigned to the House Judiciary (Non-Civil) Committee early last week.

Aaron Dorr and I both met with the Chairman of the committee, Tyler Paul Smith, and discussed the bill. Last week, he told us to be in the Capitol today for a full committee hearing. 

But today, Majority Leader Efstration pulled it.

What’s more, multiple sources have confirmed for us that Efstration is actively shopping a fake version of SAPA, hoping to pass this watered-down garbage to placate gun owners.

While the details of Efstration’s watered-down bill are not certain, it’s clear that it will:

  • Remove the ‘teeth’ entirely. Real SAPA gives Georgia citizens the right to sue for civil damages if law enforcement department heads violate it and enforce federal gun control. 
  • Allow the ATF to use our cops in a federal task force to enforce federal gun control laws. Real SAPA prohibits that. We want Georgia cops working for Georgians, not Joe Biden.
  • Gut the provision from SAPA that spells out the details of what gun laws Georgia cops can enforce, replacing it with intentionally vague language, wide open for abuse.

Chuck Efstration’s game plan is crystal clear: cancel the hearing on real SAPA (H.B. 293) and introduce FAKE SAPA that looks the same, but does nothing to protect gun owners.  

And since FAKE SAPA won’t actually do anything to stop Joe Biden from using our cops to enforce federal gun control, we are being told that House Democrats are willing to support this.


Contact Majority Leader Chuck Efstration and demand that he schedule a committee hearing on HB-293 — GGO’s Second Amendment Preservation Act — immediately.

For today, we’ll be releasing Efstration office number only. If needed, we’ll be giving you his cell phone for more direct contact. Please contact him today using the info below.

 *** Efstration’s Office Number: 404-656-5052

*** Efstration’s Email Address: [email protected]

Once you’ve contacted Efstration, please contact your State Representative and tell him/her that passing SAPA (H.B. 293) is your top priority this session.

(You can find their info here:

Insist that they lean on Efstration to put SAPA legislation on the floor for a vote before it’s too late.

We’ll have more for you soon.

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. We are running out of time. If SAPA isn’t passed this session, Joe Biden will be using Georgia cops to enforce federal gun control legislation this year!

Anyone who owns a pistol brace, for example, could be facing felony charges! GGO will be deploying a massive texting program to crank up the heat here in Atlanta very soon.

Please help us make this happen, with a generous donation of $250, $100, $75, $50, $25 or at least $17.76 today!