Bypass Big Tech’s Censorship: Follow Us on Telegram!

First it was regular companies that sold guns or accessories.

Then it was any organization that Big Tech companies deemed to be ‘fringe’ or ‘dangerous’ — with no proof whatsoever.

And last month, the President himself was stripped of his ability to post on Facebook or Twitter, communicate with his supporters via text message or email, or process online donations!

It’s no secret, today’s Big Tech companies are partisan organizations committed to advancing a socialist political agenda — and shutting down all political opposition is par for the course.

Of course, Georgia Gun Owners has used a variety of social media platforms to inform, educate, and mobilize gun owners to support or oppose legislation that touched on their gun rights for a decade.

These mobilization programs have allowed us to make gun rights one of the hottest issues in Georgia politics for years and have allowed us to expose gun grabbers like Stacey Abrams and countless legislative enemies to our gun rights.

The anti-gun Democrats and the anti-gun moderate Republicans in Atlanta would love to see GGO ‘deplatformed’ — as it would make it easier for them to attack our gun rights in secret.

As you may remember, GGO had recently jumped onto Parler to build an alternative to our traditional social media platforms, only to see Parler themselves ‘deplatformed’ by Big Tech, silencing our page there, too.

That’s why I am very pleased to announce that Georgia Gun Owners has just established a presence on Telegram — a communication app that millions of Americans have joined over the last few weeks — which will allow us to communicate with gun owners directly!


Of course, a side benefit that GGO members receive from their membership is direct mail updates from us. These mailings give you the hard, uncensored facts on the fight for gun rights in Atlanta. But certainly writing and producing direct mail is not an instantaneous process.

And while GGO has always mobilized our grassroots army through our email program, many of our members don’t see these updates until the end of the day when they are home from work.

That’s why we are excited about our new Telegram option!

You see, once you install Telegram on your phone and follow GGO, the alerts that we publish will pop up on your phone in real time, much like a text message. So you’ll always have the latest action alerts from GGO!


We will be using Telegram to publish not only the content that we currently post on our traditional social media platforms, but also the content that we CAN’T post on these Big Tech controlled platforms!

So please join us on Telegram right away.

Our state and our entire country are going through a very difficult time right now. The enemies of freedom, the rule of law, and the 1st and 2nd Amendments want to squelch all opposition as they work to transform America into a socialist country.

Here in Georgia, we are standing up for gun owners and our great Second Amendment every day, to hold the line for freedom. But as a grassroots organization, we depend on you to help us put pressure on the legislature. And if we get deplatformed someday, you won’t be involved in this fight! So follow us on Telegram now!


Our Second Amendment Preservation Act is moments away from being filed; we are sounding the alarm on efforts to repeal Stand-Your-Ground law, and informing gun owners of the non-stop attacks being launched against our gun rights in D.C.

There’s a lot going on that I don’t want you to miss out on.

And after you’ve joined us on Telegram, I hope that you’ll help Georgia Gun Owners continue to fight for the Second Amendment by becoming a member today!

If you’re already a member, please consider making a donation here, instead, so we have the resources we need to be effective.

Thank you for being a part of our fight for the Second Amendment here in Georgia! And please forward this email to your friends so they can get involved in this effort, too!

For Freedom, 

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners 

P.S. Big Tech is in bed with the radical left and have declared war on anyone who opposes the socialist agenda that they are trying to force onto America.

 And while Georgia Gun Owners will continue to use our traditional social media platforms to educate and mobilize gun owners into taking action to defend the Second Amendment, we are expanding to Telegram, too. 


Follow us on Telegram, for the uncensored facts on what’s happening in Atlanta and Congress in the fight to defend the Second Amendment from the radical left who wants to destroy it forever!

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