VIDEO UPDATE: We are Getting Left Behind!

So far in 2021, four states have passed Constitutional Carry and it’s pending in two more states. The Second Amendment Preservation Act has passed in five states, and it’s on the move in at least four more!

Wyoming expanded Constitutional Carry to include all law abiding Americans. Nebraska passed legislation to allow 18-year old adults to carry a concealed handgun. Ohio passed Stand-Your-Ground law.

I could go on and on.

In ‘Red America,’ state legislatures are RUSHING to pass pro-gun legislation at a record rate in direct response to Joe Biden’s war against the Second Amendment and freedom in general!  

Georgia politicians?

They spent the entire 2021 legislative session blocking GGO’s Constitutional Carry and Second Amendment Preservation Act, ensuring that they never got out of committee.

To find out who did this — and to learn more about the role that Governor Kemp played in this betrayal — please watch our video report!

Governor Kemp and the entire legislature has a choice to make in 2022. They can stand up for the Second Amendment or continue to betray gun owners. But with the elections right around the corner, they better think long and hard about what they are going to do!

In the meantime, help us continue to build support for these bills by taking action below!

>>> Sign your petition in support of Constitutional Carry here;

>>> Sign your petition in support of SAPA legislation here;

>>> Make a donation to Georgia Gun Owners here.

And please forward this email/video to as many gun owners as you can, to help us get the word out!

Georgia doesn’t have much time to secure these freedoms. 2022 may be our last chance for the politicians in Atlanta to get this done before one or both of our chambers flip.

Help us get this DONE! 

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. While ‘Red America’ is passing pro-gun bills at a rate that we’ve not seen in years, Georgia politicians dug in their heels and CRUSHED GGO’s Constitutional Carry and Second Amendment Preservation Act!

Watch our video report for more information, and to see which politicians are standing in the way of our gun rights!

Then make a donation to Georgia Gun Owners, so that we can continue to FIGHT FOR YOU in Atlanta!