These Six Republicans Haven’t Co-Sponsored Constitutional Carry!

Thanks to your calls and emails, support for Constitutional Carry is surging in the legislature as 28 State Senators have now added their names as cosponsors to Senate Bill 319!

In addition to the lead sponsor, Senator Jason Anavitarte, the following Republicans have cosponsored this legislation:

Chuck Payne, Bruce Thompson, Randy Robertson, Billy Hickman, Steve Gooch, Marty Harbin, Carden Summers, Lee Anderson, Max Burns, Butch Miller, Clint Dixon, Mike Dugan, Frank Ginn, Rus Goodman, Bo Hatchet, Blake Tillery, Sheila McNeil, Matt Brass, Kay Kirkpatrick, Brandon Beach, Dean Burke, Greg Dolezal, Burt Jones, Tyler Harper, John Albers, Jeff Mullis, and John Kennedy.

With 56 total Senators in the Georgia State Senate, 29 is the number we need to pass the bill through the chamber. Thank you to everyone who helped us add so many names to this bill.

But, of course, there are six more Republicans who should be publicly supporting this legislation who are not. And I hope that you’ll take a moment to call them and insist that they cosponsor the bill.

Their names are:

Bill Cowsert706-543-7700
Chuck Hufstetler404-656-0034
Brian Strickland404-463-6598
Larry Walker404-656-0095
Ben Watson404-656-7880
Lindsey Tippins770-424-2700

Constitutional Carry is very simple. It allows law-abiding Georgians to carry a firearm for self-defense without having to add our name to a government database where we can be tracked and traced like a sex offender!      

Twenty-one other states have these laws on the books. But Georgians have been held back, for years, by moderates who locked this bill down in committee.

But with Governor Kemp feeling the heat from gun owners in the face of his gubernatorial primary, 2022 may be the year that we finally finish this fight!

To do that, we need the six Republican Senators listed above to support this legislation! So please call them — or contact them via Facebook — right away.  

And when you’re done, please donate so that Georgia Gun Owners has the resources we need to fight for you in Atlanta!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. 28 of 34 Republicans in the Georgia State Senate have cosponsored Constitutional Carry legislation, which means there are six Republicans who need to hear from you today!

Please use the information above to contact these six holdouts and insist that they co-sponsor SB 319, the Constitutional Carry bill sponsored by Senator Jason Anavitarte!

Then make an immediate donation of $100, $75, $50, or even just $25 to help Georgia Gun Owners crank up the heat on the moderates in Atlanta!