The noise you heard yesterday

That noise you heard yesterday was Georgia Democrat Governor candidates Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans DEMANDING new gun control for Georgia.

Abrams: “Lawmakers were too timid to challenge the Second Amendment.”

Evans: “We need to take a look at guns everywhere and roll that back.”

We have warned you about these shameless political power grabs for years.

Whenever there’s a crisis, Georgia gun-grabbers won’t let it go to waste.

They’re always testing, prodding, and preparing — we’ve seen that with the introduction of the Oliver “Assault Weapons” Ban for a number legislative sessions in a row.

That’s why you and I must fight back aggressively.

With gun-grabbers Abrams and Evans on the attack yesterday, Republican candidates for Governor here in Georgia said virtually nothing.

Williams, Hill, Kemp and Cagle, mostly silent.

Will they make protecting our Second Amendment rights a priority in their campaigns, or allow themselves to get steamrolled publicly by the left, cowering in fear of being attack by left-wing media?

Here at Georgia Gun Owners, we won’t back down.  Our members and supporters won’t back down.

We must make time to pray for those injured and affected in Vegas, to pray for changing of hearts in our country.

But we can’t sit and let left wingers take unlimited free shots attacking our Second Amendment rights.

We’ll see how the political battle lines develop in the coming days on the right and left . . .

One thing is for sure — we’re entering into another major political war where your activism will be needed.

Remember, the gun-grabbers have BILLIONAIRES funding their gun control campaigns.

If you can, please click here and make a generous contribution to Georgia Gun Owners to make sure we have all the resources necessary to protect Second Amendment rights in Georgia.

Thank you — in advance — for your support and activism.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

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