Jeff Mullis’s Hand-Picked Replacement Loses!


This is a big one!

Everyone in GGO Nation knows the name Jeff Mullis. This bloated tyrant did his best to kill Constitutional Carry last session and said ‘screw you’ to voters who contacted him.

Mullis chose to not seek reelection this year (and rumors are flying as to why) but was determined to retain control of this seat by appointing his own replacement in Steven Henry.

Steven Henry had all the right endorsements from all the establishment groups in the state, including the impotent Georgia Carry organization, and had outside groups spending major money to elect him.

But Henry arrogantly refused to tell gun owners where he stood on the Second Amendment. We even mailed his survey via certified mail to make sure he got it, Steven Henry didn’t care.

On the other hand, Colton Moore is a proud supporter of the Second Amendment and happily pledged his support for our gun rights by signing the GGO candidate survey 100% pro-gun!

Most ‘insiders’ assumed that Moore was toast. Afterall, so many outside groups were opposing him.

But GGO worked hard to make sure everyone in SD-53 knew what an arrogant ass Steven Henry was, and how solid Moore was on our right to keep and bear arms.

Our video report in this race was seen by almost 60,000 gun owners, as you can see for yourself!

And late last night, gun owners in this district sent a message by electing Colton Moore to the Georgia State Senate, in a stinging rebuke to Steven Henry and Jeff Mullis!

This was a major victory for the Second Amendment.

Georgia Gun Owners takes our job of educating gun owners and exposing anti-gun RINOs very seriously, and we’re proud to have reached so many gun owners in this district.

But this was only possible because of the support of GGO members like you. Every text we sent, every boost we ran on our videos, every email we sent, was paid for by a member of GGO Nation.

On behalf of the board, thank you for your generosity.

But with the primary behind us, the General Election is coming fast. And GGO needs to recapitalize, fast, to expose Socialist Stacey Abrams and anti-gun legislative candidates, too.

Help us hold the line this fall — please make a generous donation right away!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners