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SAPA legislation is based on a constitutional principle that has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court multiple times, called anti-commandeering. It is the idea that the feds can’t commandeer the resources of our state to enforce federal law. SAPA law is designed to protect law abiding Georgians from federal tyrants, by asserting the state’s right to not allow our cops to enforce federal gun laws. It is not a Supremacy Clause violation because SAPA doesn’t limit what the federal government can do in Georgia. It simply says that Georgia cops won’t help them do it. SAPA has passed in Missouri (2021) and has survived court challenges.


  • Based on the constitutional Anti-Commandeering Doctrine
  • Prevents local law enforcement from enforcing federal gun laws – allowing Georgia’s law enforcement agencies to enforce Georgia’s gun laws
  • Prevents the feds from enticing local law enforcement into ignoring SAPA law and enforcing federal gun laws that are more restrictive than state law
  • Contains ‘teeth’ which include civil penalties and protections for citizens whose rights are violated
  • Does not violate the Supremacy Clause, as it limits the state, not the feds
  • Protects law abiding Georgians – it does not apply to violent criminals


With Joe Biden declaring war on the Second Amendment through tyrannical Executive Orders, gun owners want protections from these at the state level. They don’t want Georgia cops becoming an appendage of the federal government. Georgia cops work for Georgians, not Joe Biden.

Georgia Gun Owners SUPPORTS this legislation on behalf of our members. And our members are active, destroying Stacey Abram’s career (twice), blocking every gun control bill filed in Atlanta for a decade, and passing 2022’s Constitutional Carry law!


Aaron Dorr, Chairman – C:712-461-1401, [email protected]
Alex Dorr, Political Director – C:470-331-8896, [email protected]