Help Us CRUSH the UN Small Arms Treaty!

Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington hate the Second Amendment and the 100 million gun owners in this great country. 

That’s why the State Department is trying to get America back into the UN Small Arms Treaty which would establish a GLOBAL firearms registration, and subject American’s gun rights to the whims of an international tribunal!  

The same President who gave 85 billion dollars worth of plane, tanks, helicopters, and small arms to the Taliban now want to let Communist China, the Russians, and 3rd World thugs decide on what kind of firearms Americans can own! 

But before this can happen, Biden needs the United States Senate to vote to ratify this treaty and America’s submission to it. 

Take action! Sign your OFFICIAL PETITION against this communist garbage right away, so Senators Warnock and Ossoff know that if they don’t stand up and loudly oppose this, they’ll lose their majority in Congress! 

And when you’re done, please consider becoming a member of Georgia Gun Owners, the most effective political fighting force in Georgia!