Defeat HB-135 Immediately!

Representative Mary Margaret Oliver is trying to make CRIMINALS out of Georgians if a thug breaks into your house, steals your gun, and then uses it in a crime!

Thanks to liberal prosecuting attorneys in metro Georgia and their unwillingness to prosecute REAL criminals, crime is out of control. You and I know it, these ‘prosecutors’ know it, and the entire state knows it.

But instead of trying to prosecute the bad guys, the Radical Left is attempting to use their crime wave to disguise radical gun control that would instead make criminals out of law-abiding Georgians!

That’s right, HB-135 would make you a CRIMINAL if an Antifa thug broke into your home or car and stole one of your firearms and used it in a crime!

These politicians are insane, and they are working to protect criminals while punishing law abiding citizens. But that doesn’t mean this bill won’t become law. In fact, it’s the type of bill weak kneed Republicans would happily sign as it’s ‘common sense!’

Please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION against this legislation, so your State Senator and State Representative know you expect them to ‘VOTE NO’ on this trashball legislation, which is a slap in the face of every law-abiding gun owner in Georgia!

And when you’re done, please become a member of Georgia Gun Owners, the most effective political fighting force in Georgia, by going to