Chip in $10

Tell Your Representative “HELL NO to HB-855!”

The Radical Left in Atlanta are hellbent on crushing your gun rights and stripping away your freedom.

HB-855 attempts to bribe you with a tax rebate (of your own money) for purchasing a gun safe, BUT ONLY IF YOU REGISTER THE SAFE WITH THE STATE!

That’s right, you must submit your sales receipt to the state, along with your name and address, to get your “rebate.”

This creates a defacto gun owner registry with the state, with the names and addresses of gun owners all across Georgia!

So, if Radical Leftists like Rep. Michelle Au ever get their way and pass Universal Background Checks or a ban on AR-15s, they’ll know EXACTLY whose house to come to first to make sure you comply.

This will lead to complete tyranny.

And if you don’t take action, they might get away with it! So, send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL against HB-855 today, so your State Representative and State Senator know that you expect them to VOTE NO on this or any similar legislation!

When you’re done, please join in this fight with us by becoming a member of Georgia Gun Owners at