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Petition to: Speaker of the House Jon Burns and House Majority Leader Chuck Efstration

Whereas: Joe Biden is steadily destroying the idea of state sovereignty, mandating gun control via executive orders and ordering Georgia cops to enforce it. So even though Georgia has solid gun laws, it doesn’t matter since our cops are enforcing federal laws and orders;

Whereas: The Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) would protect Georgians from this, by  instructing Georgia cops to only enforce GA laws when it comes to firearms, ammunition, and accessories — meaning Biden would lose access to our manpower; and

Whereas: SAPA legislation also protects Georgia cops who are currently forced to choose between enforcing unconstitutional Executive Orders, or disobeying an order and losing their jobs; and

Whereas:  SAPA has tremendous Supreme Court precedent backing it up. That’s why, when Missouri passed this identical legislation in 2021, it survived repeated court challenges brought against it by the DOJ.

Therefore: I want you to use your power to move SAPA through the House as soon as possible. I am tired of watching you stall HB-1009 by refusing to assign it to a committee. Do your job!

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