Tell Congress: Repeal the Pistol Brace Ban!

The ATF’s unconstitutional “pistol brace ban” is in effect, making criminals out of millions of guns owners overnight if they don’t register their pistol braces like they’re machine guns — and pay a $200 fee to do it! 

Everyone knows that redefining pistol braces to fall under the NFA doesn’t have a damn thing to do with stopping crime!  It’s just one more way the ATF can use their arbitrary rules to make millions of gun owners into criminals! 

Unless they’re stopped, they’ll keep taking these shots at gun owners until we’re ALL criminals!

That’s why it doesn’t matter if you don’t own a pistol brace.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never heard of a pistol brace.

The days of giving up ‘small things’ — think of the machine gun ban and bump stocks — just because they ‘don’t impact that many gun owners’ was a failed tactic that the NRA employed for decades at great cost to our gun rights! 

We need all hands on deck to tell Speaker McCarthy to use the Congressional Review Act to REPEAL the Pistol Brace Ban from Biden’s ATF!!  So please sign your OFFICIAL petition demanding Congress take action NOW! 

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