Tell Kemp to Oppose a Special Session for Gun Control!

The Communists in Atlanta are charging full steam ahead on trying to pass massive gun control bills, and they’re pressuring Gov. Brian Kemp to immediately call a special session to do it.

We all know gun control benefits just two classes of people: criminals and tyrants.

With the recent shooting in Atlanta in a ‘Gun-Free Zone’, the Radical Left and the fake news media are bombarding the state with demands that Brian Kemp convene a special session of the legislature to pass gun control.

And make no mistake, they are going for everything!

They’re demanding legislation such as universal gun owner registry, repealing Constitutional Carry, repealing Stand-Your-Ground, banning our AR-15s, mandatory firearm lockups, and most notably ‘Red Flag’ gun confiscations.

We must fight back! We must insist that Brian Kemp resist the urge to hold any special session for the  BLM/Antifa-supporting Democrats!

Please take a moment right now to send your PRE-WRITTEN email to Brian Kemp demanding he tell the Democrats in the legislature “HELL NO” on a special session for gun control!

Once you have, please chip in whatever amount you can afford to help us mobilize THOUSANDS of gun owners across Georgia to oppose this Communist takeover!