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Keep Your Hands Off of Stand-Your-Ground Law!

Petition to: The Members of the Georgia Legislature

Whereas:   HB-842 would repeal Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground law, allowing a liberal prosecutor to put me in prison for the ‘crime’ of defending myself against a criminal; and

Whereas:   HB-842 would require Georgians to retreat from a violent predator before we could defend ourselves, forcing us to turn our backs on someone who could kill us; and

Whereas:   HB-842 would repeal our current civil liability protections, meaning that the same thug who attacks me on the street could attack me again, in civil court, bankrupting me; and

Whereas:   HB-842 would force local prosecutors to send all self-defense cases that they rule justifiable to GBI and the Attorney General, giving them a chance to prosecute me; and

Therefore:  As a member of Georgia Gun Owners and a voter in your district, I strongly insist that you do everything in your power to block HB-842 or any similar legislation!

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of Georgia Gun Owners so that we can keep fighting for you in Atlanta. You can get involved at!