Tell the House Public Safety Committee “HELL NO to HB-161!”

The Radical Left in Atlanta are hellbent on crushing your gun rights and stripping away your freedom.

HB-161 would order you to lock your firearms up in a government mandated “locked container” in order to keep you “safe.”

Every gun owner knows that when seconds count, when someone breaks into your home in the middle of the night, a locked safe could mean a death sentence for you or your loved ones.

This is complete tyranny. The politicians in Atlanta have no right to foist their dictates on law abiding Georgians and strip away our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms!

But if you don’t take action, they might get away with it! So send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL against HB-161 today, so the entire Public Safety Committee knows that you expect them to VOTE NO on this or any similar legislation!

When you’re done, please join in this fight with us by becoming a member of Georgia Gun Owners at