Pass S-319 Through Committee Right Away!

Thanks to the pressure of GGO members, the State Senate has passed Constitutional Carry legislation (SB-319) through the Senate and has sent it over to the House Public Safety Committee for the next step.

This is a beautiful Constitutional Carry bill that does everything Georgians need it to do, to restore our right to keep and bear arms without needing government permission and give us the freedoms that gun owners in twenty-one other states already enjoy!

But the House Public Safety Committee is slow rolling this legislation as the clock begins to wind down on the 2022 legislative session. Insiders tell GGO that this is being done on direct orders from Speaker David Ralston, so that he can pass a weaker version of this legislation at the last minute when gun owners are desperate!

This is ridiculous. These politicians in Atlanta work for us! It’s time they understand that we will hold them accountable if they continue to play games with our right to keep and bear arms.

Please use our automated system to send a PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to the members of the Public Safety Committee and insist that they stop locking SB-319 down in their committee!  

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of Georgia Gun Owners so that we can keep fighting for you in Atlanta! Get involved at!