Tell the Georgia Senate to Pass Constitutional Carry!

Twenty-one states have Constitutional Carry law on the books (almost half of the country) which allows law abiding gun owners to carry a firearm without adding their names to a government database or be tracked like a criminal.

Here in Georgia, the radical left and moderates on the right have been killing Constitutional Carry for years. But now 31 State Senators have co-sponsored this bill (SB-319) and both the Senate Judiciary Committee and Rules Committee have approved the bill!

Now Constitutional Carry is headed to the Senate for a full floor vote, which could take place at any moment! Stacey Abrams and Michael Bloomberg are doing everything they can to try to stop us!

Help us pass Constitutional Carry here in Georgia, and send a message to Stacey Abrams, Michael Bloomberg, and the gun grabbers in Atlanta that Georgia still stands for freedom and the Second Amendment!

Send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your State Senator using our automated system and insist that they ‘VOTE YES’ on Senate Bill 319, and that they oppose all amendments!    

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of Georgia Gun Owners so that we can keep fighting for you in Atlanta! Get involved at!