Make GA a 2A Sanctuary State!

The Radical Left wants to dismantle our 2nd Amendment so they can destroy freedom and construct a total state of tyranny.

We say HELL NO, and we are fighting to make Georgia a gun-rights sanctuary state instead, just like Missouri!

The Georgia Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB597) would block federal gun-control laws in Georgia by preventing federal government from commandeering state and local law-enforcement resources to enforce federal gun laws.

But Joe Biden’s militants in the DOJ and the anti-gun politicians in Atlanta are doing everything they can to stop us, and that’s why gun owners need to stand up and FIGHT for these freedoms!

SIGN your pre-written petition to the Georgia General Assembly demanding that they protect our freedoms and pass HB597 out of the General Assembly the MOMENT they reconvene!

And when you’re done, please make a donation to the Georgia Gun Owners and help us FIGHT BACK!