Georgia Needs to BAN ‘Red Flag’ Laws!

The federal gun control bill that Biden recently signed (and that dozens of sell out Republicans voted for) allows the DOJ to bribe state legislatures that pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ with hundreds of million of dollars in taxpayer money!

And while some lawmakers are opposed to ‘Red Flag’ laws no matter what, the moderates here in Atlanta would happily pass this legislation to get their hands on ‘free’ money.

These ‘Red Flag Gun  Seizures’ allow liberal judges to order the confiscation of your firearms before you’ve even been arrested, let alone convicted, of a crime!

‘Red Flag’ laws destroy the idea that you’re innocent until proven guilty, and shred your due process rights along with the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 7th Amendments! But ‘free’ money from Joe Biden is a powerful temptation. That’s why GGO is working to BAN ‘Red Flag’ laws here in Georgia, before it’s too late.

Please sign your OFFICIAL PETITION IN SUPPORT of GGO’s efforts to legislatively block the implementation of unconstitutional ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ here in Georgia, so that your State Representative and State Senator know what you expect of them!

Once you have, please chip in whatever amount you can afford to help us mobilize THOUSANDS of gun owners across Georgia to oppose this Communist takeover of our due process rights!