Whereas: The violent criminals who carry out mass shootings are enabled by Democratic policies that fill our kids with psychotropic drugs and tell them there is no right and wrong, and Soros-backed prosecutors who refuse to prosecute them after the fact; and

Whereas: When their policies help a killer carry out his/her attack, these same Democrats have the gall to blame law abiding gun owners like me, demanding that we agree to gun control; and

Whereas: I am NOT to blame for the actions of a violent killer, and I will NOT sit back and watch the Radical Left take a sledgehammer to my God given right to keep and bear arms; and

Whereas: I will ruthlessly hold accountable any politician who votes for gun control during a special session of the legislature or the 2024 legislative session.

Therefore: As a voter in your district, I strongly urge you to VOTE NO on a statewide gun registry, a ‘Red Flag’ law, deadly storage laws and any attempt to repeal Stand-Your-Ground or Constitutional Carry law here in Georgia! GGO will tell me how you vote.

Once you have, please chip in whatever amount you can afford to help us mobilize THOUSANDS of gun owners across Georgia to oppose this Communist takeover!